Delve into AI’s industry vertical applications and discover new opportunities for business growth.

The age of data is well underway thanks to the proliferation of information, advancing computer technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered algorithms. Today’s companies work around the clock to leverage this billion-dollar industry’s potential.1 However, the fast pace of innovation has led to a widening skills gap. As a result, many executives lack the tools to implement AI adoption strategies in their businesses – a precursor to success in the data-driven economy.

Enhance your organization’s competitive edge with the Artificial Intelligence in Business online program from IE University, one of Europe’s leading higher-education institutions.2 Over five weeks, you’ll gain an overview of the AI landscape and unpack the use of machine learning (ML) and Big Data in business. The program features various real-world AI use cases and explores how the latest innovations have helped businesses across industries solve various problems. Guided by esteemed IE faculty, you’ll learn how to choose the correct algorithm to solve specific business problems and unpack AI’s limitations and ethical considerations. Finally, you’ll leave the program with a roadmap for implementing an AI strategy and managing change within your organization.

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Is this program for you?

If you’re in a leadership or executive role, this program will help you build the practical skills to solve problems, make strategic decisions, and ultimately lead your organization’s AI transformation. As a product or project manager in the digital transformation and technology space, this program’s practical content will help to enhance your knowledge of AI-enabled business solutions. Similarly, consultants will benefit from the opportunity to broaden their AI integration skill set. In turn, technical professionals such as data scientists and AI and ML specialists can draw on the program content to align their abilities with strategic business needs.


What will set you apart

On completion of this program, you’ll walk away with:
Insight into the problem-solving potential of relevant AI and ML strategies for addressing contemporary business challenges.
An understanding of AI’s risks, limitations, and ethical considerations.
The skills to create an AI implementation roadmap for your organization.
Industry vertical use cases of AI and its decision-making implications.
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