Demystify blockchain technology, unpack its potential, and investigate its applications in the world of finance.

The advent of blockchain has spurred many innovations in the financial technology (fintech) space that are revolutionizing the world of finance. Businesses and financial institutions are being called to adapt or risk becoming obsolete. The challenge is, many professionals and company leaders still don’t fully understand what blockchain is and how it can be successfully applied in business contexts.

In the Blockchain and the Future of Finance online program from the Institute for Management Development (IMD), you’ll explore the current fintech landscape, debate where the sector is going, and unpack the various finance applications of blockchain technology. Over five weeks, you’ll draw on case studies and company examples to clarify complex concepts and better understand open banking strategies, the world of cryptocurrencies, and the way in which tokenization is creating new business models. Ultimately, you’ll leave with an understanding of the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi), the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the possibilities that the future holds for finance.

Is this program for you?

All professionals and individuals interested in understanding and responding to disruptions and opportunities in the financial sector will find value in this program. The content will be especially beneficial to business leaders and financial professionals who want to delve into money digitalization and capitalize on the potential of blockchain’s new and evolving applications. Similarly, technology professionals can unlock career opportunities by learning more about fintech innovations, and entrepreneurs can explore ways to leverage blockchain, tokenization, DeFi, and digital assets for profit. Relevant roles include C-suite executives, business development managers, investment bankers, financial consultants, traders, software engineers, and data scientists, among others.

IMD is a triple-accredited academic institution, with the Financial Times ranking it first for its open programs, nine years in a row. IMD attributes its success to its unique “Real Learning. Real Impact” approach. Based in Switzerland and Singapore, IMD is led by expert and diverse faculty who use their insights, tools, and perspectives to prepare participants for the future of business. As an independent academic institution with a global reach, IMD strives to educate ambitious individuals and organizations worldwide.

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