Learn how applying fundamental business and management principles to healthcare administration can improve access, quality, and safety.

The US healthcare system wastes billions of dollars annually as a result of administrative inefficiencies.1 In light of this, there’s an increasing demand for clinicians and health-services managers who understand the operational and economic impact of their everyday business decisions.2

The eight-week Healthcare Management online program from the Yale School of Management Executive Education will give you a grounding in the business principles and organizational practices that underpin the modern healthcare system.

Throughout the program, you’ll gain practical health administration and operational skills to help you manage finances, maximize throughput, optimize patient care, and ultimately become a more effective leader.

With a unique, integrated curriculum and specific industry case studies that shed light on the US healthcare system, you’ll find actionable insights applicable to your own context. Sharpen your healthcare-management skills, gain the tools to drive change in your organization, and earn a certificate of participation online from the Yale SOM Executive Education.

1 JAMA Network (Oct, 2019).
2 Bureau of Labor Statistics (Jun, 2021).

Is this course for you?

This program is aimed at both medical and non-medical professionals who are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of business and organizational principles, and their application in healthcare.

It’s ideal for medical professionals who currently manage or aim to run their own private practices, and who require the financial and managerial skills to do so, or for those who are looking to transition into a more administrative or senior role within healthcare. Physicians, registered nurses, surgeons, and allied health professionals will also benefit from this introduction to the essentials of health-services administration.