Shape people strategies to create an effective, sustainable, and resilient organization.

Today’s highly competitive business landscape is experiencing a labor transformation on a scale never seen before. Jobs are being automated at an intense pace,1 making an ability to reskill, adapt, and assume new roles the top-ranked employee characteristics for navigating the future of work.2 This widespread transformation signals the need for a shift in the way organizations approach talent optimization from the traditional siloed approach to a big-picture perspective. Organizations must shrewdly manage and empower human capital through high-level business and operational strategies if they wish to stay ahead of the pack.

Learn to make human capital strategy an integral part of your business operations in the Human Capital Strategy: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage online program from the Yale School of Management Executive Education. Following a sequential format, you’ll find out how to answer the crucial questions facing workforce management today: from talent acquisition and role alignment to learning and development. By the end of the six-week program, you’ll create your own practical action plan to prepare for the future of work.

1 World Economic Forum (Oct, 2020).
2 Deloitte (Dec, 2020).

Is this program for you?

This program focuses on high-level strategy and is therefore ideally suited to management, leadership, and decision-making professionals who are interested in aligning their human capital planning and business operations to promote their organization’s competitive edge. The skills and insights available to participants will appeal to entrepreneurs and small-to-medium business owners. In addition, this program will benefit human resources, and learning and design professionals who want to act as competent business talent advisers while remaining agile and up to date on industry trends. They may also use this program to achieve personal growth by expanding their knowledge and developing strategic leadership skills.


What will set you apart

On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:
A human capital strategy that aligns with your business strategy to enable a long-term competitive advantage.
In-depth insight into the power of diverse perspectives, and the significant role of DEI in your company culture and values.
The skills to build an action plan that helps your organization manage workforce transformation and prepare for the future of work.
Unlimited access to 2U’s Career Engagement Network, offering you exclusive resources and events to support your professional journey and drive your career forward.