Build a practical toolkit for influential leadership through self-reflection and confident communication.

Effective leadership requires a multifaceted skill set, including the ability to communicate, collaborate, and engage in self-reflection. By taking a holistic approach, the Leadership Development Program from the University of Dayton Center for Leadership equips leaders to become self-aware, confident team players, and organizational influencers.

Develop your people management skills to focus on practical communication and collaboration, and effectively lead and influence teams. This program stimulates self-reflection aimed at developing a leadership style that can effectively adapt to organizational changes across broad contexts.

Enjoy the benefits of a high-touch support model, as you study through a top-tier research university1 and learn to take the lead with the University of Dayton Center for Leadership.

1 Bizjournals (Jan, 2018).

Is this program for you?

This program is beneficial to those currently in a leadership role, and those with ambitions of moving into a leadership position in the future. Organizational leaders will develop the communication skills needed to successfully lead employees, as well as the intervention solutions required to address relational and broad organizational issues. Managerial personnel will benefit from an understanding of the interpersonal skills required to elevate their leadership style, portfolio, and position. Finally, aspiring leaders will be empowered with team leadership skills and a personal leadership identity.

What will set you apart

On completion of this program, you’ll walk away with:
A defined leadership style that allows you to expand your influence and increase employee engagement.
Communication strategies to address workplace opportunities and challenges.
A personal development plan to address a leadership challenge in your organization or community.