Learn to adapt your leadership approach to the needs of your team and organization.

Effective leaders know how to adapt to various situations and challenges within an organization. Whether your team is new, transitioning through change, or is under pressure to perform, choosing the correct leadership approach is vital. The Leadership Program from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management (GSM) gives you the frameworks to do this. Guided by the Situational Leadership Model, the program offers an experiential learning process whereby you’ll get the opportunity to lead a fictional team through a number of different scenarios while assessing your role within that environment. The curriculum focuses on three key areas: the self as a leader, leadership as a relationship with your team, and the environment in which teams are situated. Through these lenses you’ll develop practical strategies to build trust, lead through times of change and crisis, and motivate your team to reach their objectives.

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management Leadership Program was recently ranked as one of the top leadership certificate courses in the U.S. by CIO.

Is this program for you?

This leadership program is designed for professionals who want to enhance their careers, as well as those who are aspiring to step into a management or leadership position. It would also be beneficial to established managers or team leads who are looking to take on more responsibility, further build their teams, or develop their individual leadership style. The situational decision-aid you’ll walk away with is a useful tool for anyone who wants to align their leadership approach with the needs of their team and organization.