Develop an understanding of how mobility innovations will impact the future of real estate and learn to take advantage of the opportunities they create.

The real estate industry faces disruption as a result of mobility innovations that are dramatically changing where and how people work, live, and play. These innovations significantly impact the demand for and value of residential, commercial, and industrial properties at various locations in cities. Such demand dynamics, coupled with developers’ response, will determine the financial performance of real estate products and their asset value.

Gain the knowledge and tools to strategically leverage the real estate opportunities that new and future mobilities have to offer in the Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Real Estate: Challenges and Market Opportunities online short course from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning (MIT SA+P). Throughout the program, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of the current industry state of autonomous vehicles, on-demand delivery, ride-sharing, and micro-mobility. Guided by MIT faculty and industry experts, you’ll also discover how mobility innovations are already transforming real estate products, as well as how self-driving vehicles will influence cities and the real estate market of the future. Develop the practical skills to prepare for and influence the rapidly evolving mobility landscape, and learn to identify opportunities and address real estate market problems.

Is this course for you?

This program is aimed at individuals who are looking to upgrade their skills to meet the demands of their current role as well as a rapidly changing industry. Professionals in the built environment, urban planning, and logistics management industries who want to learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and self-driving vehicles will impact urban developments, last mile delivery, and their occupations will also benefit from this course. Those with a background in finance, investment, or real estate will develop an understanding of the innovations in mobility, discover how these impact the real estate landscape, and learn to identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Professionals in the IT sector will discover ways in which they can apply their skills to developing products that link autonomous vehicle technology to the real estate market.

What will set you apart

On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:
A broad perspective of real estate’s future, including disruptions to commercial and residential properties, parking lots, curbsides, warehousing, and last mile delivery.
An understanding of how the growing investment in AI and self-driving vehicles is transforming the real estate industry.
The ability to leverage trends in micro-mobility, on-demand mobility, and self-driving vehicles for real estate investment opportunities.
A strategic plan that helps you understand the challenges and opportunities AI and autonomous cars might bring to the real estate industry and the broader built environment.
Exposure to real city case studies and industry-relevant tools, as well as practical skills that apply to your context.