4. Albion College

Since its founding in 1835, Albion College has grown and expanded its vision of a liberal arts education grounded in purpose, passion and academic excellence. Albion College is nationally recognized for its academic excellence in the liberal arts tradition, a learning-centered commitment, and a future-oriented perspective.
Albion College is committed to liberal education in the arts and sciences. It is the College’s belief that such an education empowers individuals to live lives of constructive purpose and accomplishment, enriched by the confidence and pleasure that comes from thinking logically, imaginatively and humanely. In light of this vision, Albion College seeks to create and maintain, in a residential setting, a supportive, intellectually stimulating community which exhibits and prizes curiosity, creativity, dissent and diversity.
Teaching and learning are central to the mission of Albion College. This means that while the faculty are productive in scholarly and creative endeavors, their primary commitment is to teaching–specifically, to fostering the intellectual engagement and growth of students. The primary responsibility of students at Albion College is to develop mastery in the methods by which knowledge is acquired, critically evaluated, and appropriately applied. The college believes such an emphasis prepares students for a lifetime of learning and a multiplicity of possible careers by developing their broad reasoning, writing and speaking abilities. While the classroom is at the heart of the school’s educational mission, Albion College believes that the entire College community should share in the learning experiences found in the school’s residential setting and through involvement in out-of-classroom opportunities and experiences, including those in the City of Albion.