Duke Corporate Education – Duke CE

  • Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) is a premier global provider of leadership offerings that enable leaders at all levels to adapt and move the organization forward. Duke CE is a support organization of Duke University, with global offices located London, UK; Johannesburg, South Africa; Singapore and Durham, North Carolina in the US.
  • Part of Duke University, Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) is the premier global provider of leadership solutions in context. We are a blend of a business and university — but distinct from both. From the business world, we bring an outcomes-driven focus on client service and real-world insight into the challenges leaders face. From our university heritage, we bring academic rigor and research.
  • Duke Corporate Education spun out of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 2000 to focus specifically on leadership development in context. Client challenges required a level of flexibility and creativity that couldn’t be achieved within the structures and limits of one university, so we redefined corporate education with a model that blends university with business, bringing together experienced business and learning experts and a global network of faculty and experience providers to help our clients. We start with your messy challenges and work with you to find the right leadership solution to enable your leaders to adapt and move the organization forward. Since we began 20 years ago, breaking the rules has been part of our aspiration and in our DNA. We know that leadership development needs to take a leap to get ready for what’s next and we’re here to help.
  • Duke CE has been ranked among the top three providers in the world by the Financial Times for 19 years and #1 in BusinessWeek for 12 years. In 2019, the Financial Times ranked Duke CE #2 in Customised Executive Education