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Since its founding, The Economist has established itself as a trusted source for all things business and politics, championing information based on fact and rigour.

The Economist’s vision of the world, style and philosophy sets it apart. With an international focus and reach, it provides objective analysis and original insight, while remaining irreverent and independent.
  • About The Economist

Through its global perspective and unique voice, The Economist has harnessed digital technology to provide readers and audiences from around the world with a trusted filter on international affairs. With brevity, clarity, opinion and wit, The Economist distils what matters on the global agenda and, most importantly, what to make of it. That’s why millions read The Economist every week, including the world’s leading political and business figures.

  • The Economist online courses

The Economist’s objectivity of opinion and originality of insight is shown in its course offering, which will equip participants with the knowledge to navigate the impact of global issues in their context. Harnessing its unique global perspective, The Economist is able to create educational content that provides conceptual tools to plan effectively for global change.

  • Why learn online with The Economist

The Economist and CareerCourses have compiled a wide variety of notes, infographics, animations, videos and case studies to blend theoretical and practical knowledge. Guest speakers include senior editors from The Economist on their specialist subjects, and global leaders in their fields. Practical teachings will be enriched by small- and large-group discussions, and assignments are designed to engage and challenge participants from around the world. Drawing out relevance and implications for individual organisations and roles, the course adds ongoing value to each participant’s business and professional life.