Hult International Business School – Boston

More than a non-profit business school, Hult is a dynamic multicultural community that educates, inspires, and connects some of the world’s most forward-thinking business talent. Hult flips the traditional approach to education by using learning-by-doing experiences to transform students’ skillset, from the moment they join, into that of an exceptional businessperson, from the moment they graduate.

Hult’s history is woven of two stories, one beginning in 1964 in Boston Massachusetts, the other in 1959 in a place just outside of London. In 2015, Hult International Business School and Ashridge Business School operationally merged to form one of the world’s most unique business schools.

Hult strives to be the most relevant business school in the world. Hult’s mission is to have a positive impact on individuals and organizations by transforming their management practices. Hult does this by using global reach, being creative, entrepreneurial, and on the cutting-edge. Hult also contributes to sustainable growth, helping leaders integrate commercial success and societal wellbeing. In so doing, Hult hopes to be the business school of choice for existing and aspiring leaders.

Why Hult International Business School – Boston

  • Campus Life: Students can get involved in Boston’s large and diverse student community to make the most of the opportunities available. They can participate in intercollegiate competitions, academic events, and career fairs. Boston’s businesses are always looking to connect with bright students, and students have opportunities to get involved in local hackathons and case challenges.
  • Facilities: Designed to facilitate collaboration, the Boston campus has the feel of a modern company’s headquarters, with a light, spacious and contemporary interior. Facilities included a rooftop terrace, study areas, outdoor athletic facilities, a gymnasium, accommodation buildings, and more.
  • Culture: Join 250,000 students in a historic city that caters for student life. Enjoying the outdoors and sports is central to life in Boston. Even if students aren’t a fan, they’ll feel the infectious energy of the city’s competitive spirit. Being their best, taking pride in their achievements, and celebrating the achievements of others are all qualities that define the Boston spirit.
  • Location: Study business in Boston—a stimulating city where forward-thinking people from all over the world come to exchange ideas, collaborate, and innovate. The Boston campus is located on the banks of the Charles River and encapsulates the passion for learning so central to life in the city. Students will be within walking distance of startup hotspot Kendall Square and Boston’s Beacon Hill, and transport links mean the whole of the city is in easy reach.