Institute for Management Development

Founded by business executives for business executives, IMD is renowned for its ability to develop leaders who transform organizations and make considerable contributions to society.

Established in 1946, the Institute for Management Development (IMD) has since cemented its place as a pioneering force with the ability to develop industry leaders who make a valuable impact not only in their organizations but in society as a whole.
  • About the Institute for Management Development

Challenging what is, and inspiring what could be, IMD strives to be the trusted learning partner of choice for ambitious individuals and organizations worldwide.

IMD is a triple-accredited academic institution, with the Financial Times ranking it first for its open programs, nine years in a row. IMD attributes its success to its unique “Real Learning. Real Impact” approach. Based in Switzerland and Singapore, IMD is led by expert and diverse faculty who use their insights, tools, and perspectives to prepare participants for the future of business. As an independent academic institution with a global reach, IMD strives to educate ambitious individuals and organizations worldwide.

  • IMD online programs

IMD’s diverse set of online programs combine the best of academia and business to equip participants with a full range of professional capabilities that allow them to bring impact to their organizations. With a specialized focus on corporate leadership development, strategy, and digital transformation, the school empowers participants to unlock new business opportunities in their contexts. IMD’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the outstanding teaching materials and methods that you’ll gain access to via a high-touch digital learning experience.

  • Why learn online with IMD

IMD is collaborating with GetSmarter, a 2U, Inc. brand, to bring its thought leadership and ambitious learning approach to the next generation of professionals. Drawing on insights from renowned IMD program directors, participants will gain the tools to create a positive and sustainable business impact. The online learning platform provides participants with flexible work hours and 24/7 support, allowing professionals from around the world to study wherever and whenever it suits them best.