National University of Singapore

With a mission to educate the future leaders of the digital world, the National University of Singapore (NUS) strives to equip participants with the ability to harness the technologies that transform business, industries and society.

  • NUS is a distinguished and respected tertiary education facility located in the heart of Singapore. Ranked as the top university in Asia* and 11th globally,** NUS takes pride in the reach and impact their alumni have worldwide. The university hosts a community of academics, researchers, staff, students and alumni from different countries and backgrounds, with a common goal to work together towards a better world. This is seen in their mission to educate, inspire and transform people, society and business. NUS’s singular focus on talent has cemented their place as a top-tier university dedicated to quality education, influential research and visionary enterprise.
  • NUS is one of the most highly ranked academic institutions in the world. It has consistently featured in the top 30 of the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and in the top 100 of the Academic Ranking of World Universities. As of 2022–2023, NUS is 11th worldwide according to QS  and 19th worldwide according to THE.
  • NUS includes one Nobel laureate, one Tang Prize laureate and one Vautrin Lud Laureate among its affiliated faculty members and researchers.
  • NUS graduates ranked 8th worldwide in the Times Higher Education’s Global University Employability Ranking 2022, and 17th worldwide in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022.

About the School of Computing

For the past four decades, the NUS School of Computing has established itself as one of the leading computing schools in the world (ranked 6th),*** specialising in emerging areas of importance such as computer science, information security, business analytics, information systems and computer engineering. With its internationally recognised faculty and outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, the school produces highly sought-after graduates with remarkable leadership qualities and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

About Advanced Computing for Executives

A part of the NUS School of Computing, NUS Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE) prides itself on equipping its participants with in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and the impact they have on business today. Focusing on subjects such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, innovation and technology management, digital transformation, fintech, business analytics, cybersecurity and many more, ACE hopes to send participants into the world with a competitive edge, armed with insights from esteemed faculty, researchers and practitioners.

NUS online courses

NUS has established its reputation as a premier educator and thought leader. In hopes of preparing participants for today’s digital world, NUS is determined to provide practical education according to the demands of the digital and technology sectors. With a wide range of cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary, technologically focused courses, NUS strives to equip participants with digital business and technology management skills needed to drive transformation and business competitiveness.

Why learn online with NUS

NUS is passionate about expanding their reach, helping people globally to access their world-class faculty and knowledge. By collaborating with digital learning expert GetSmarter, NUS is bringing its high-quality, interactive learning methodology to participants across the globe. Through innovative, interactive teaching methods, participants will have the opportunity to network with like-minded peers from around the world. As a future-focused university, NUS’s mission is to teach leaders and executives how to exploit the relevant digital technologies transforming business and society.

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