Stanford Center for Health Education

The Stanford Center for Health Education, part of Stanford Medicine, aims to empower global health professionals by providing accessible learning that leverages Stanford University’s experience and expertise in the practice of medicine.

SCHE stands by the belief that education empowers and health education saves lives.
  • About the Stanford Center for Health Education

The Stanford Center for Health Education (SCHE), part of Stanford Medicine, aims to support health professionals at every level both in the US and around the world. By providing effective and efficient training, it strives to increase the global availability of knowledgeable and highly skilled healthcare providers who are equipped to improve the level of service in the world’s most vulnerable areas, and have lasting social impact.

  • Stanford Center for Health Education online short courses

SCHE has created a portfolio of online short courses that offer healthcare practitioners a better understanding of how they can care for the mental and physical well-being of their patients, and create a more informed public. The courses provide a holistic approach to health, touching on exercise, nutrition and mental wellness, with content designed by faculty from the Stanford Medicine Center for Health Education.

  • Why learn online with the Stanford Center for Health Education

Through its collaboration with Career Courses, SCHE is able to deliver high-quality and engaging health-related education to working professionals around the world, ensuring the greatest possible impact on global health and wellness challenges. Learners have access to digital assets that reflect the knowledge and expertise of the esteemed faculty at Stanford Medicine, as well as the opportunity to network with members of the international healthcare industry. Thanks to the flexible online learning model, these part-time courses fit into the schedule of even the busiest learner, while still providing a personalized experience with support and expert feedback.