Syracuse University

A private research institution established in 1870 and based in the heart of New York, Syracuse University comprises thirteen schools and colleges, each committed to cultivating strengths and challenging conventional wisdom.

Through a selection of online short courses, produced in partnership with Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool) and the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, the university aims to provide affordable opportunities for professional development through innovative coursework and research.
  • About Syracuse University

Syracuse University is an institution that embraces change and is dedicated to preparing participants for a lifetime of impact as individuals and as global citizens.

The iSchool at Syracuse University empowers and educates future leaders with the goal of connecting people, information and technology to enhance human capabilities.

The Whitman School of Management is an innovative business school with a strong focus on leadership building and developing community engagement.

  • Syracuse University online courses

The Syracuse University online short course portfolio is designed to provide participants with an academically rigorous experience and an innovative online learning environment. The courses aim to equip future leaders with the tools to excel in a changing global society, with the intention to promote a culture of innovation and discovery.

  • Why learn online with Syracuse University

By collaborating with GetSmarter, a 2U, Inc. brand, Syracuse University offers a globally accessible approach to online learning. As a student-focused institute, Syracuse University fosters an environment of experiential learning, creativity and entrepreneurial endeavors. Every course is paced to ensure that working professionals have the time needed to develop their skills and knowledge. Through an online platform, participants have access to research and insights from industry experts as they network and collaborate with classmates from around the world.