University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive, student-focused university with over 16,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. Students enjoy strong relationships with award-winning faculty members and innovative staff. Comparatively small class sizes and an array of student services and clubs, the University of Windsor creates a friendly and supportive learning environment.

The University of Windsor is located next to North America’s busiest international border crossing and looks out on one of Canada’s most beautiful waterfronts on the Detroit River. This location speaks to the fact that the University of Windsor is an internationally oriented, multi-disciplined institution which enables a diverse student body, faculty, and staff. to make a better world through research, social engagement, and education.

Basic characteristics of openness, warmth, and support make the University of Windsor an exceptionally welcoming community for students and faculty from Asia, Europe and Africa—or from just down the street.

Why the University of Windsor

  • Campus life: There’s much to do in the city but lots of amenities and things to do on campus as well. There are multiple food service options, on campus living – residence gives students the chance to gain independence while having the support of residence staff. And an added bonus for international students is how close they will be to the International Students Centre (ISC) which is located in one of the residence halls.  Stay active with fitness classes, recreational clubs and facilities, associations, student support and a student government.
  • UWindsor Tuition Guarantee: This guarantee program allows all international students to feel confident in their tuition through stability in base tuition for their program. Students are assured an unchanged tuition rate for the typical length of time for the program they’re enrolled in.
  • Low Student-to-Faculty Ratio: At the University of Windsor, students will find professors who care and have time for their students in the low student-to-faculty ratio classes.
  • Flexible Degree Possibilities: The University of Windsor offers endless degree combinations to create a learning experience perfect for each student. Students can tailor their education to their specific interests or unconventional career path, and can combine different areas of study with a double major or joint degree.